GoMo: Helping Businesses Go Mobile

Check out the new GoMo initiative from Google, helping businesses build mobile-friendly websites.

From the Google Blog:

On a crisp fall day, a young person uses his smartphone to find a store that sells scarves. He searches, finds your site, and clicks-thru, prepared to browse your inventory of scarves, or find your store nearby and buy one. But, after he clicks to your site he runs into trouble – it doesn’t load fully, and he spends more time zooming-in and squinting than he does looking at scarves! Frustrated, he gives up and looks for another scarf store. You lose a potential customer.

This happens hundreds, even thousands of times every day because most businesses’ websites don’t work well on smartphones. The most important thing you can do to grow your business using the mobile web is to create a mobile-friendly website.  So today we’re launching an initiative called GoMo that helps businesses “Go Mobile”.

What’s a mobile-friendly site?  It’s a website designed specifically for mobile users and mobile devices.  It’s fast to load and easy to use—no pinching and zooming required.  Some great examples are right here.

Every day more and more of your customers are looking for you…on mobile devices.  If you don’t have a site that works for mobile, you’re missing out.  61% of users are unlikely to return to a site that’s not mobile-friendly.1  On the other hand, customers embrace sites that are built for mobile–consumer engagement increases by 85% with a website designed for mobile devices.


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