Growth Conference Notes

I had an awesome time at Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Growth Conference. It was an exciting, inspiring, engaging day. Really great & funny keynote talk by Chris Brogan, great “no bullshit” approach to social media from Jason Falls, cool tips & ideas from Jason Womack on increasing productivity, and inspiring & smart points on brand personality from Erika Napoletano. Thanks to Entrepreneur Magazine & The UPS Store for putting on such a wonderful, free event!

Here are some of the notes I took (as unorganized as they are) at the conference today.

Chris Brogan (Keynote Speaker) @chrisbrogan

– strategize how to wedge your business & business interests into the social media world where are already sharing their thoughts

– sustainable relationship – minded business


– audience vs. community (which way the chairs are facing)

– tactics: 1) invest in listening tools 2) make videos this year 3) measure what matters

Jason Falls (Small But Social: How Small Businesses Can Win With Social Media) @jasonfalls

– relevant message for relevant audience at relevant time & place

– it’s possible to be successful in with social media marketing without “joining the conversation” (ie. case study of real estate company who used extremely targeted Facebook ads)

– what’s important is to plan strategically

7 Business Drivers of Social Media Marketing
– enhance branding & awareness
– protect your reputation
– enhance public relations
– build community
– enhance customer service
– facilitate research & development
– drive sales & leads

– be your own pr outlet

– before strategizing, think of what your goal is. goal should include expected level of attainment, deadline, and audience ie. I want to make $50,000 sales from Facebook by the end of the year.

– being a social business = being present (online & offline)

– social media is a supplement to other media outlets (ie. radio ads, direct mail, etc.) – holistic approach

Jason Womack (Unleash Your Competitive Edge) @jasonwomack

– there are 96 fifteen minute blocks in a day

(so 15 minutes = 1% of your day)

– try anything 5 times first

– time, energy, focus, ecosystem are limited resources

– try this: schedule meetings to start on the 15 and end at the hour (ie. 2:15 – 3)

– 80% of your business comes from 20% of your (happiest) customers

– I am my best when …….. [fill in the blank].

– practice makes ….. habit.  practice makes …… comfortable.

– tell the truth more.

– you are an average of your 5 closest associates.

– practice saying no to potentially real questions.

Erin Napoletano (All Fired Up: Tips to Ignite Customer Passion For Your Brand) @RedheadWriting  /

– running a business is not about being popular. build your brand to be loved by the RIGHT people (& dismissed by others)

– being unapologetic about who you are and who you want to do business with is one of your greatest assets

– brand personality: approachability, sharability, scalability, profitability

– stop giving shit away for free. give away the why, not the how.

– trading services is bs. if you engage in trade, make sure you treat it like a business transaction (with contract, monetary value, expectations, etc.)

– commoditization is rarely a viable business model

– our customers are the reason we’re lucky to be in business.


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