Looking For a WordPress Designer / Developer

POTG Design is looking to partner with a WordPress Designer / Developer in the Los Angeles area.

The ideal candidate is already working as a part-time or freelance designer/developer and is looking for extra work to integrate into their current workload. We’re looking for someone who can both help us out on various projects and may be willing to take on new clients/projects themselves when our load is full.

The candidate will:

– reside in the Los Angeles area. (Though we mostly telecommute and working from home is fine, we also thrive on face-to-face interactions)
– have a strong design aesthetic and background.
– have a great foundation in coding and customizing WordPress theme templates.
– will be versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript (optional), and PHP.
– have a strong knowledge of the WordPress CMS and core WordPress  methods.
– is comfortable building complex features and codes with maintainability in mind.


If you’re interested in working with us, please send us an email with the following:

Portfolio of work (Describe especially the WordPress sites you’ve worked on and to what capacity – Did you design & develop the entire site? Or just coded certain features?)
Your website
Brief description of your current time commitment (How much extra time do you have to devote to new projects?) and general weekly schedule.
Current rates (How much do you currently charge for website work? Be specific, especially if your rates vary. Perhaps give an example or two of how much certain websites you worked on cost.)
Location (Where in the Los Angeles area are you?)
Contact Information

We’re looking to start working with someone ASAP!

Email us: info@putontheglasses.com


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