Strengthen Your Brand Identity & Tell Your Brand Story

What truly helps a brand stand out from its competition? Often it’s a company’s strong visual design, or their solid customer service. And other times, it is the way a brand communicates their story through all the aspects of their brand identity. These strong stories allow brands and businesses connect with customers on an emotional level, while still maintaining a strong identity that allows the company to be memorable, trustworthy, recognizable, and stand out from the competition.

Stories, unlike any other element, allow brands to connect with customers on an emotional level. And stories in the digital age are particularly potent. Here are four brands that have successfully honed in on key brand attributes and developed great stories as a result.

How can you strengthen your brand identity and tell your brand story?

  1. Brand Identity: Hone in your unique brand identity. POTG Design offers various consulting services to connect with you or your business on a personal level, facilitating your brand’s emotional connection with your customers through smart and savvy design. A good place to start, even before the business cards and flyers, is to establish your company’s tone, voice, content strategy, and art direction.
  2. Brand Story: What is your brand story? POTG Design can help work with you to find that unique narrative that makes your business unique. We can help you find and establish that brand story, and find concrete ways to communicate your unique message and history through all your brand materials.
  3. Graphic Design: Of course once you’ve figured out what your brand is all about, you’ll want concrete materials to hand out right away! POTG Design can work with you throughout the entire process and help convey your company’s identity and story through the conscientious design of business cards, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials.
  4. Website: In the digital era, it is increasingly important for your business to have a strong physical and digital presence. Your website should be an extension of your brand and still maintain a strong and consistent brand identity. The website should convey your visual brand beautifully, but remember too that other technical considerations like the user experience and information architecture are also integral and reflect on your overall business identity. If a user becomes frustrated with the functionality of your site, what might they assume about the way you do business? POTG Design maintains this careful balance of art and science in every website we build.

This summer is a great time to reconsider your overall brand identity. As the days are longer, schools are closed for the summer, and you finally have some time to reflect, you might decide this is the perfect time to makeover your brand identity.

POTG Design offers general website design & development services, custom graphic design services (ie. logos, flyers, business cards), digital brand assessment & consulting, as well as digital training sessions for getting up to speed on topics like blogging best practices, social media marketing, digital security, and search engine optimization.

Read more about our services, fill out our Project Planner, or contact us about putting together a custom brand development package.

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